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We are not fantasists!

May 26, 2011

It’s quite lucky when you step off one train and on the next platform is your next train about to leave.  It’s even more lucky when you step off that train and your bus is there.  But it’s odd when, as you step on the bus, the bus drivers asks “What was that bang?”.  He looks afraid, terrified.  But there was no bang, just the slide of doors, the fall of feet, the sizzle of stubbed out cigarettes on the rain layered pavement.  I say “What bang?”.  He looks at me confused, like I missed something very important, crucial.  “You must have heard it,” he says, “it was like an atom bomb going off.”  The air is still.  The rain has stopped.  The bus doors suck themselves shut.  There was no bang.

None of that has anything to do with the press.  Nor does the title of this post.  The title refers to my annoyance at a rejection from an agent.  It took her about 2 hours. A new record for me.  I will recite another conversation now.  This will be written with speech marks but in actuality it was done by email.  Wordless.  More speechless really.  It goes like this.  “Would you like to read my fantasy novel for young adults?”.  “Yes please, send me over 3 chapters.”  “Here is my fantasy novel for young adults, I hope you enjoy it.”  “I’ve looked at your fantasy novel for young adults but I don’t think it’s right for us, we don’t do fantasy novels for young adults.”  I read between the lines and come to the conclusion that she thought the sample chapters were crap.  She may be right.

Ok, now to the press.  I think I have my first 10 poets.  2 solid submission and some loose inclinations.  I’ve also printed out a pamphlet with the help of Alec Newman, just to get an idea of how the finished pamphlets might look.  The result was good.  The pamphlet looked smart.  I think going with orange for each pamphlet is good, gives them a certain kind of erm appeal to the eye.  The feel of them is quite graphic design-y, but I think good artwork will bring the whole thing together.

Aside – a blind cat has his claw in my foot.

On the subject of artwork, 2 brilliant artists have emailed me saying they’d like to work with the press.  I really like both their work and I can see them really working well for the covers.  I am now determined to get some funding even if it is only enough to pay the artists.

I’ve also decided to go with some more avant-garde poetry for the second batch of poets.  5 avant-garde poets with purple covers instead of orange.  Somewhere deep inside me I feel purple represents avant-garde poetry. I can’t say I get the whole of avant-garde poetry, certainly not vispo stuff, but I like it when a poet is abstract, when they refuse to connect with a narrative, when they don’t give a shit if a reader asks “but what’s it about”.  I think purple is good for all poets with a don’t give a shit attitude.

I have a 4 page list of press related stuff that I need to get on with.  .  I estimate half a page of that 4 page list will get done tonight, especially when I’ve just remembered Rubicon is on.

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