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Ah today

May 30, 2011

I haven’t done much on the press today.  It’s been mainly about reading submissions and trying to get the internet working.  I blame next door’s toaster.

The new submissions I’ve had have been really interesting but I’m trying to think of them in the context of when they could be published.  Because I’m going ahead with 10 pamphlets in late September and then my mind is set on 5 more experimental pamphlets in December, I’m looking at submissions and thinking hmmm how could I present these, with which poets could I publish them, what colour could the covers be.  Maybe I’ve given myself a problem by wanting to publish pamphlets in connected groups of 5 but I’m going to stick with it and so that might mean rejecting some really good submissions.  I think that the grouping of pamphlets will also enable the press to promote them better; here are our next 5 poets, they all write about badgers, pamphlets include ‘Country Lane Badger (A Tragedy)’, ‘Badger of Birmingham’, ‘No/Badger/?/Fuck – White Stripe: Dusk Dog’, ‘100 Badger Haikus – Subtle Midnight Barks’.

I’ve also been letting my mind wander away from Press related stuff.  Firstly I spent too long sending out submissions of my novel, The Forsaken North, then setting up a blog for said novel, then just as I was about to do some proper press planning I started writing a ‘real’ novel (not this young adult nonsense) about a man who sees the sun vanish.  It’s turned out quite Orwell-ian (a shady character called Brunberg seems dodgy) but I may have to yank on its chain and force it to become a novella or I’ll never get anything done. See I’m even letting this blog wander.

Tomorrow I’m going to conact the ’10’ and let them know how the press is developing and I need to think about the font.  I want to use the same font for each pamphlet, covers and text, and Helvetica isn’t doing it for me. Garamond could come into the picture.  I don’t want anything too unusual so Garamond is my only back up font at the moment.

Maybe I could focus on comedy poets for the second 5 – the new Ogden Nash or a Thurber obsessive with oddly drawn animals. Or maybe I should accept the really good submissions and let the readers decide about their grouping.  Beige coudl be a good colour for such loose concepts.


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