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Submission Guidelines

June 2, 2011

I should have done this earlier but now after falling asleep on the couch (despite waking at 6 am) I should do something useful with my day.  Make amends.  Atonement.

So until the website is set up here are Holdfire’s submission guidelines –

What we’re looking for – pamphlets.  Around 32 pages of poetry maximum.  Sent as a PDF to  Holdfire wants to publish new/young poets and without meaning to offend anyone I think that means poets under the age of say 35, at a push 40.  Really it’s about publishing new exciting voices so we can’t do that by publishing established poets.  It’s also about reflecting the current scenes, voices, ideas in poetry.  Initially Holdfire will publish 10 of the best UK poets (they are the best, trust me) and then we will publish 5 more avant-garde, experimental poets.  After that each 5 pamphlets will have a different, I suppose theme is the right word, though I haven’t decided on these themes.  I hope that submissions will lead my decisions here, that I will see a certain style or ideas coming through and respond, react.  But I also want the next 5 pamphlets to be confirmed when I publish the previous 5, take advantage of some nice white space in the back of the pamphlets…here’s what’s next from Holdfire.  By the end of the first year I would like to publish 5 collections so will be putting a call out for submissions of collections in January.   I don’t think there’s a particular style I’m after.  The first 10 pamphlets should give people more of an idea that the press is looking for quality poets over favouring one style.  My own reading and writing practice as a poet leans more towards the experimental but I read widely and indiscriminately.  I don’t want the press to be either an avant-garde or mainstream press, I want it to reflect what’s going on in the world of poetry and I’ll do that by pestering the poets I believe are important for submissions and by coaxing brilliant submissions out of poets I might not be aware of. So there you go.  Now I can have a cup of tea and not feel guilty that I fell asleep and missed the train.

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