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Mission Statement

June 13, 2011

Holdfire Press has 4 points that are important to its aims.  Here they are:

1 – Holdfire Press will publish poetry by young poets.  It will attempt to identify, encourage, develop and promote a new generation of poets.  Our reach will be diverse in style and form but its core will be a dedication to unearth new talented poets and identify young poets who are publishing and reflect the ‘new generation’s’ vibrancy and urgency, enabling both the new and widely published young poets to reach a wider audience.

2 – Holdfire Press will encourage the connection between the page and performance (readings).  The press will look to put on readings and performances through book launches and regular poetry nights whilst also attempting to open the door for its poets to read at festivals and events across the UK.  This will give our unexperienced poets the chance to develop their reading skills whilst also helping our more experienced poets to have their poetry heard and read by a wider audience.

3 – Holdfire Press will publish pamphlets and books with an emphasis on design and quality.  The press will work with young artists and the product (the pamphlet) will be of the same quality as the poetry we publish.  The press believes in presenting our poets in the best way possible and establishing Holdfire as a quality publisher of poetry.

4 – Holdfire Press will grow as a press through its publications and readings, through sales and diversification, through promotion and awareness.  The press will move quickly towards full collections and look to have a continuing relationship with our poets (whether that be through publication or readings), establishing both the poet and the press as being at the forefront of poetry in the UK.

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