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Launch Night!

June 1, 2012

Last night’s launch was a fantastic success and that’s down really to brilliant readings from all 6 poets.  I think what their readings showed was the diversity of their work and with them all reading together it showed what I’m trying to do with Holdfire; publish poets regardless of any poetic boundaries.  It was also a good start for a new poetry night.  I was a bit nervous if anyone would turn up but there was a decent number and I think the reading series side of things can grow from there if I can get more good poets to come down and read. I’m planning the next reading for the last Thursday in July and then every 2 months after that. 

I was also impressed by the room, it’s a really good space for poetry and felt relaxed.  I reckon I’ll be saying no to the bar being open next time. Yeah, it’s good to have a bar but the noise isn’t good. The song of the till isn’t good. 

The books are all ready to be sold but there’s a slight problem with the distributors that I was hoping would be fixed by now. If anyone really wants a book they can email me at the press and pay through pay pal. I’m hoping that by the end of the weekend the books will be good to go from Amazon etc.

So thanks again to all the poets.  I’m just sorry I was too knackered to hang around for one more drink. I was far too tempted by the offer of a lift (with all the books etc) and to get home and wake Seren up to tell her how great the launch was (I wouldn’t wake a baby up to talk to her about poetry). When I got home to a cup of tea I did sort of think, damn, it would be much better to be drinking an Erdinger with poets. 

I’m really grateful that all the poets came so far (Norwich, York, London, Birmingham, Leicester) and they all did a truly amazing job, really entertaining and engaging readings.

Now I just need people to buy the books and in about a year Holdfire will have replaced all other poetry publishers as the major/only poetry publisher. And then we’ll start focusing on Pet Fiction.

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