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Three Poems by Tony Cullen

August 2, 2012



waving limply through

smoke without any kind

of determination the dead

appear to have no zeal


a reaching hand

a signpost

a frozen oath

a reminder


of what has been

stolen by deities

here only

as third officials


training a fleck

grey pony to count

by stamping a hoof

on the dusty ground


you said you saw you

said you lied you saw

nothing but nothing

edging toward absence


you saw absence

and you lied

and the dead watching

waving to attract


attention to warn

a warning wave goodbye

because of words

withered to a whisper


in sacrificial incantation

recited from a dead

book holding the palm

print of millions watching


the unfortunate shredding

of parades of triumphant

loss set in the bones

of un-thought generations


unhook the humans

charge a realistic

price for the ride



Border War Blues


articles of time scratch

by trailing tedious


latitudes \ mindless bits

and pieces trace


a clue in the mud \

illustrating essential 


nature\ mood

and perception dread


their task \ hence

the sensation \


and gone is her traveller by the singing shingle sea

whittling its way between dunes

consuming the leisure of pilgrims and stranger


articles of time beat

by \ dawdling crawl sneak


and slink \ extruding Lady

Lazarus through that early


morning theatre \ mood

and perception dread


their task \ hence

the sensation



Behind the Hand


Lych gate locked

and hinged grade

2 listed homeless

June wanders east


A grove one

hundred years vertical

sleeved in vine

provides cover


Dappled and gone



Granite and clay


and fallen blossom

Tilted gold lettering

Mad-logic logo

a third scale


I imagine a

blooded brow under

moon shade the

sound of soldiers


approaching lanterns flicker

wind chimes chance-

child cherub without

choice who fell


asleep and sadly

missed free from

leaf mould silver

and wood Birdsong


composed on the

tongue Jam jar

jug set aside

holding time and


weeds The flap

of something black

behind heavy leaf

Car doors slam

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