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Everybody In This Room Is A Poet and a night for The Wolf

October 23, 2012

Two bits of poetry reading news here.  Firstly (but secondly in the title above) the next Villainelle Club will be sort of taken over by The Wolf magazine which is edited by James Byrne and Sandeep Parmar.  They’ll be launching both The Wolf 27 and their anthology The Wolf: A Decade.  It should be a great night and it’s happening on Thursday 28th November.  More details of readers etc to follow. There will be a regular Villainelle Club in mid December which I hope will have an all female line up to counter the rampant masculinity of the last reading in September.

The second reading is Everybody In This Room Is A Poet.  This is happening at 2.00pm on Saturday 24th November in The Belvedere Arms in Liverpool.  It’s invite only and the format will be that there will be around 22/23 poets in the snug of the Belvedere.  We’ll all read a few poems each and there will be no MC as such, rather we’ll all announce the next poet.  It’s been tricky coordinating so all the poets who wanted to come could come but I had to book a date. Hopefully it’ll be the start of more such nights/days.  I’m hoping to get some funding for future days so I can get poets from beyond the North West.  The poets confirmed so far are:

Me (Michael Egan)

Bobby Parker

Sheila Hamilton

Melissa Lee Houghton

Joanne Ashcroft

Angela Topping

Steve Van Hagen

Eleanor Rees

Nathan Jones

Sandeep Parmar

James Byrne

Richard Barrett

Eli Regan

Lindsey Holland

About another 6/7 are nearly confirmed so there are a few spaces left if any poets would be interested.  If you are then email me at

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